A sensible Bukkit library to bootstrap you Minecraft Plugins


Material Convertor

Ensures Bukkit material compatibility between different Minecraft versions.

Item Builder

Implements Builder design pattern to simplify the creation of ItemStacks.

Config Loader

Loads and creates ItemStacks, Recipes and Inventories directly from the config.

Vault Manager

Integrates and simplifies the loading and interaction of the Vault plugin API.

The most flexible plugins
to satisfy all of your needs

You do not have to be a programmer to fully customize CommonCore plugins.
The configuration is simple and straightforward.


CommonCore plugin downloads


Servers currently running CC plugins

This is a brilliant resource. It is easy to set up and adds some VERY interesting and great new additions to the server.

~ Duck

This plugin is amazing. The author is always keeping it up to date and has even made a recent update to support item attributes. It's a great addition to any server.

~ Loadedice

If I hadn't found this, it would have taken me an hour creating a GUI just for editing beacon effects.

~ MG_JerryMouse

More advanced features

Message Manager

Creates adaptable strings and simplifies the process of messaging players.

Inventory GUI

Simplifies the creation of Inventory GUIs by implementing an action-like structure.

Sound Convertor

Ensures Bukkit sound compatibility between different Minecraft versions.

Reusable Config Structure

Ensures a partial compatibility of configuration files across all CommonCore plugins.

Complete Documentation

Includes a documentation and Javadocs for developers and config tutorials for normal users.

Custom Items and Textures

Implements experimental support for the 3rd party Custom Items and Textures plugin.